In a society where likes and retweets are used to feed our egos, and simply telling someone you are “grinding” substitutes for the real thing, being an entrepreneur is seen as the new sexy thing to be. The idea of being a winner can become muddied and lost in “inspirational” memes with vague quotes and filtered Instagram pictures of a rented lifestyle, that we as a culture have a fixed image of what being a winner really is. Author and entrepreneur Steve Canal asks, what does it truly mean to be a winner? Using his new book, The Mind of a Winner, he takes readers on a journey where through the stories and experiences of others, as well as his own, he articulates what being a winner is and how we (me and you) can possess the same mindset.

The Mind of a Winner opens up by introducing Steve, and why he is qualified to even write such a book. Although the opening chapter outlines his life and accomplishments, Steve makes it very clear that he is a winner with or without those accolades. In the social media age, we have a habit of equating winning with money, followers, and fame, however the book explores this idea and flips it on it’s head.

To do this, Steve delves into the lives of some renown entrepreneurs, entertainers, and athletes that all dominate in their given fields, and exhibit what he calls the mind of a winner. Throughout the book he interviews eight people who have demonstrated a certain drive and discipline that readers can respect and admire. Some include the likes of Daymond John, FUBU creator and business mogul, rapper 2 Chainz, and former WNBA champion Swin Cash.

I particularly appreciated how he was able to bring individuals, who on the surface seem unrelated and random, together to give clear examples of why they in fact possessed the mind of a winner. My favorite chapter discussed Mary Seats, a famous fashion designer and influencer who created a huge brand and nearly lost it all. Prior to picking up this book I had never heard of Seats, but I did hear of her brand Cupcake Mafia. That is a great example of the reach her brand has. I was inspired by her story of perseverance and how she was able to fight tooth and nail to get her company back, even if it meant living out of her office.

There are thousands of self-help and business books out there, many of them share similar stories as The Mind of a Winner, but not many of them hold the reader accountable throughout its pages. No lie, as I was finishing the last few pages of the book I had the temptation to sit it down next to my bed and watch some television. It was as if Steve was speaking directly to me as he told his readers not to take my newfound knowledge for granted and go off and become unproductive as he states,

“Nothing will work unless you do!”

Great read.


Malcom X. Bowser is a writer, curator, and founder of Urban X.

Twitter: @Top_Xth

Instagram: @Top_Xth


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